Flight from CPH to Moscow

Startet from CPH airport and had to fly 2:40 hours to Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport. Maybe Edward Snowden is there?!

Flight food

The food onboard the the trip to Moscow

Just arrived to Moscow Rissia

Moscow airport Sheremetyevo

Looking for Edward

Looking for him here at T.G.I Thank good it's friday :)

Did not find him, but found that T.G.I have very nice food and good service. Will go to one the next time i see this restaurant.

My friend with his wife and son

At Maxim Gorky park with Nastya, Tolik and Max.

Maxim Gorky Central Park for Culture and Recreation (Ukrainian: Парк культури і відпочинку Максим Горький) is a Kharkiv city park consisting of over 130 hectares of land. It is bounded in the southern corner by Vesnina Street in the east - Sumy Street to the north - the so-called elite private settlement construction, and in the west - Dynamo street corner and Novgorod.

My hotel

Watermelon sale

You could find places like this and they are open 24/7.

Okroshka cold soup

Okroshka cold soup, a favourite dish of Russian cuisine, made on the basis of the beverage kefir, Moscow, Russia.

Thank you Nastya for making this very nice soup for me :)

Road trip to Donetsk

We went to a big out door show in Donetsk city which is about 5 hours a way from Kharkov.

Self made honey

This man sold his self made honey and it was really good and fresh.

Beekeeping in Ukraine is a major economic activity. According to latest statistics, 700,000 people or 1.5% of the Ukrainian population, are engaged in producing honey.

Big out door event

Routes CIS is the only route development forum for the entire CIS region and the 2013 event is was the largest Routes CIS event ever held attracting over 250 delegates.

And this mean free food, drinks and snaks :)

Back in Kharkiv

On the way to a party.

Still on the way

Morten and me.

After party we went for a new trip